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Rising Star - Ram Shanti Vidya Mandir


Every child is gifted. We want to give your child roots to grow and wings to fly! We shape little minds to be the rising stars of tomorrow.


Learning and doing

The idea of Learning by Doing is what is now called “Experiential Learning.”



At RSVM we have designed a curriculum that is suitable for every child and helps them to realize their individual talents


We have a year-round themes and programs for the children that they will enjoy and love to participate in


Established in 2006 RSVM Rising star is a dynamic, constantly evolving nucleus of the Ram Shanti Vidya Mandir.
Late. Ms. Sunita Budhraja (Founder) said that, ” Real education consists in drawing out the best out of yourself.” and that is what we aim to do at Rising Stars.
At Rising stars, the students are not ranked but rather helped to make them identify their potential and create happy learners by implementing the ‘Head, Heart and Hand philosophy” of Ms. Budhraja.

Celebrating Green Day at school, we asked our students to make something on the theme. And they made this beautiful green-yellow caterpillar, a small part, yet important piece in the canvas of nature.

Teaching the kids the importance of saving nature, we took the first step by teaching them how to plant trees. Here’s our little toddler, proudly holding the little sapling she planted.

Art is the best way through which you can teach kids big things in life. We encouraged our students to create a little piece of art on Green day. Here’s what our angels of KG 2 made.

Young kids can be moulded with good thought & teachings to become responsible adults in the future. On the occasion of Green day, we taught our students the importance of saving trees. Here’s our little one, sharing his knowledge with everyone, through the cute paper cap.

We hope these little hands, grow to become the saviours of nature in the future. But it all starts now. Our little students learning about nature on Green Day & creating a piece of art, dedicated to the theme.

We dedicated a complete day towards teaching our kids how they can make small efforts to help save our nature & serve mother earth better. Here’s a picture of some of our little stars who took part in the program on Green Day.

We need to value nature more than we already do. And that starts with sharing knowledge. We want our students to grow up to be responsible citizens who put efforts to save their environment. This is why we celebrated Green Day in our school with our little rising stars to make them understand the importance of nature & how they can help save it.

Come Visit Us

We provide an environment and infrastructure facilities that are appropriate to create a healthy learning environment. We ensure your child’s safety. Also, we make sure that a playful, happy atmosphere is always maintained so that your children will love to be part of our institute.

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

At Rising Star, we believe that each child has a unique learning style and we respect their uniqueness. When a child does any activity at Rising Star, you can be sure that it is contributing directly to the child’s physical, emotional or intellectual development. Overall at Rising Star in everything that the child does there is a lot of planning put in the educational theories that we provide to your child. At the same time, we ensure that a child enjoys the entire learning process.



We believe that practice makes perfect and we want your child’s basic language skills strong and crisp.


These two are the most important subjects of all. The future progress of your child depends how strong his basics are.


We believe every child is an artist and it is our duty to ensure that we can nurture every artist at Rising Stars RSVM.

Critical Thinking

Other than academics we want your child to develop an analytical and critical thought process.


Rising Stars believes that a parent can contribute in their child’s progress. We bring teachers, students, and parents together for better learning. It helps us understand the strengths of a child and where he needs to focus more. Parents can help teachers understand better the needs of their child. while the students can learn comfortably. It boosts participation and inspires every child to improve.


We truly believe that every child is gifted and it’s our duty to nurture their individual talents and strengths. It is equally important that their confidence and enthusiasm is also carefully protected at the same time. With that we aim to polish their inherent qualities and educate them to make their academic base strong enough for the future.


Every parent is especially worried about losing their child’s slice of childhood after enrolling them to competitive preschooling. But what makes Rising Stars different is that we make sure that your child will be provided with the most joyful and stress-free environment to learn.


Rising Stars gives your child an opportunity for all round development. We focus on arts, creativity, numerics and science so that they learn more at the nascent stage while still keeping it enjoyable and fun experience. We take care of every child like our own and want to bring out the the best in them. After all every child is a Rising Star of the future!


What Our Families are Saying

“At Rising Stars, my child was given special attention. They teach every child according to their individual requirement. So they are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of my child and help him tackle his difficulties in a playful manner.”

“You need not worry about your child’s development if he’s at Rising star. They make sure that the children learn all they need to while making it simple and fun at the same time.”

“As a parent you are all so concern about the overall growth and development of your child, I was able to be part of their progress with the unique parent-teachers way of teaching method. I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to help these little Rising stars learn better.”