2024-03-04 10:30:12
Admission - Ram Shanti Vidya Mandir

Ram Shanti Vidya Mandir abides by the guidelines set by the Education Department of the Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh, CBSE.

  • We also abide by the Right to Education Act of 2009 in matters relating to the Admission process in the school from Classes Pre-Primary to Class VIII.
  • Admission to Classes IX & X is done strictly as per the guidelines of CBSE.
  • However, if required for creating a better learning environment, we might adopt an appropriate method using the tools prescribed in the CCE pattern of CBSE for strengthening the educational standard of the students.

Some guidelines for admission are as mentioned below:

  • A child should have completed 3 and 1⁄2 Years of age for admission in the KG Classes.
  • All original documents as per the norms decided by the Education Department of Government must be submitted in the school office for verification during the admission process.
  • Admission in KG I and KG II:
    Oral and written test will be taken on the basis of knowledge of alphabets, rhymes and names of colours, animals and birds.

Admission from Class 1st Onwards:

Written test will be taken on the previous class syllabus.

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